For fans of the worldwide phenomenon Twilight comes Stephenie Meyer's Life and Death, a compelling reimagining of the iconic love story that will surprise and . PDF | What is the value of a life? How should we regard death? This paper uses the methods of economics to defend some of the views of. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

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But for Beau, his assailants are a mix between female and male and have the intention of beating him up because they think he is a cop. The section is entirely re-written with more dialogue, a gun and threats of death.

Then there is Rosalie's rape scene, now changed to Royal's assault scene. Instead of Royal being raped, he's tricked during the wedding and beat up within an inch of his life. Now, one could argue the time period and say, "Well, that's happened back then.

It's just how things were. But when the two biggest instances of female sexual assault are completely left out when you swap the genders, oy, that's an issue. Now that is not to say I wanted to see men get rape in Life and Death.

It's just a glaring problem where I now see those scenes as "Literary Rape," used as plot devices to add depth and sympathy to Rosalie's character, and to give Edward a reason to look super heroic in the face of rapists. One could argue that Meyer wrote a more progressive version of Twilight with Life and Death and that's partly true to an extent. Edythe does appear to try to make her relationship with Beau as equal as possible.

But there are constant references to the gender changes as if Meyer is trying to prove something to the reader, and they only seemed to further resign me to the fact that Meyer has no idea what she's doing.

Bold is mine. His straight gold hair was wound into a bun on the back of his head, but there was nothing feminine about it— somehow it made him look even more like a man.

I fumbled for my wallet. She looked up at me with doe eyes. She slid the bag down her arm and then held it out to me, very deliberately using just the tip of her pinkie finger. I found the changes she made with Beau's narration interesting.

Meyer mentioned in the Forward that Bella is more flowery with her words, where Beau is not. This is a complete understatement.


The one thing Twilight actually had going for it, was the occasionally pretty quote. I say occasional, because the novel contains too many short, simple sentences than I usually like in my books.

In Life and Death's case, the writing has been watered down so much that it feels on par with See Spot Run. And I don't necessarily think this is a gender thing. Just because a character is a boy, doesn't mean he can't be articulate or well-versed. So very corny. This was really bad, even for her.

Oh, god, I'm so disgusted with this part, and I don't really understand why it was included. She was too perfect, I realized with a crushing wave of despair. There was no way this goddess could ever belong with me.

That only vampires can achieve this level of "perfection" that society constantly forces on us? Because there is no other explanation that works well here and I'm really trying to give Meyer the benefit of the doubt and throw her a bone. The issue with this theory is, there's no indication in the book that this is an unrealistic view. Actually quite the opposite happens later in that same scene: I had a new definition of beauty. I don't think I need to go into why this is problematic, so I'll just leave that there for your critique.

Twilight / Life and Death

I'm speaking specifically about society's constant pressure on women and girls to be as thin as possible, many times to the detriment of their physical and emotional health. When Beau describes Edythe, he focuses so heavily on the sharp angles of her bones and it perpetuates the idea that these characteristics make her more beautiful than others.

I find these descriptions irresponsible and feel there could have been a better way to describe her. So let's talk about the ending. This part will have spoilers beyond this point. This is your one and only warning.

Life and Death--Twilight Reimagined

Yes, it's re-written -- horribly, if I'm being honest. I wouldn't have had an issue with the change if it had actually been written without the massive amounts of info-dumping. Update Views: Chapter Update 1 Life and Death: Cress Fiction , Science Fiction.

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Edythe does appear to try to make her relationship with Beau as equal as possible. I am severely disappointed. I fumbled for my wallet. Because it is the mind, according to Buddhism, that experiences life and death, happiness and pain, heat and cold, and so on; it is the mind that creates and reveals all the variety of experiences.

She crams the werewolf history, volturi history, rules of being a vampire, and Beau's human funeral altogether and it's just so goddamn messy. Death is commonly related to pain, suffering, loss and uncertainty.

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