Items 1 - 21 of 75 Somany Tiles Catalogues. Somany Ceramic Wall & Floor · Somany Vitro Floor · Somany Duragres/GVT Wall & Floor · Somany Durastone Wall. SOMANY. Somany Ceramics Limited: Noida: F, Sector-6; Ph | e-mail [email protected] Toll Free. SOMANY? Somany Ceramics Limited: Noida: F, Sector-6; Ph . Ahmedabad: Office no. , 4th Floor, Aggarwal Mall, Opp. Sola Bhagwat.

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Somany Ceramics Limited: Noida: F, Sector-6; Ph Ahmedabad: I e-mail [email protected] com. SOMANY. CD. 9. MM X MM. CERAMIC TILES. COLLECTION. Packaging Detail for mmxmm Floor Tiles. Thickness. Average Weight per Carton. CERAMIC WALL & FLOOR TILES | FULL BODY GLAZED VITRIFIED SOMANY GLOBAL (Imported Tile Showrooms): NEW DELHI: , .. The reproduction of tiles in this catalogue is restricted to four color printing only and tiles.

Vinyl Floor Tiles. Bathroom Floor Tile. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Quality Our product Range. Somany Floor Tiles. Request Callback. Our range of floor tiles, is available in various designs to match the taste and preference of contemporary and conventional individuals. We trade in Somany Floor Tiles which is made using superior quality terracotta, these are preferred over marble and granite for not emitting any kind of radiations and keeping the feet healthy.

We make available an exclusive range of Floor tiles which are liked by our clients spread across the nation. Stylish in look, our Elite tiles are in the combination of light and dark yellow color. These x tiles give an attractive and elegant look to the floor. We offer these tiles in compliance with the specifications detailed by the clients. Save time! Get Best Deal. Floor Tiles Duragres x Get Price. These are Gres Matt Series which is highly demanded in both domestic and international market.

This magnificently crafted range comes in attractive combination. These are Gres Stone Series available in different colors.

These have elegant and sober designs which make it suitable to be applied in offices also. Floor Tiles Durastone x Get Price. Thickness of the Tile: Floor Tiles Lapato x Get Price. Floor Tiles Ceramic Get Price.

We have earned high acknowledgement from our clients due to the elegant collection of Ceramic Floor Tiles offered by us.

Known for their smooth texture and anti-skid surface, our Floor Tiles are very popular among clients. With the properties like high gloss surface, stain resistance, dirt resistance, hygienic and low maintenance; these tiles are perfect to charm you with glimmer and to make way into your list of admiration.

Durastone Get Price. View PDF. Duragres Get Price. The visual appeal of Duragres tile is completely Italian which makes it a great option for discerning customers who are exposed to global fashion and lifestyle trends. Besides the fact that these tiles are the toughest tiles, it offers best designs and textures like rustic, wooden and marble.

One of the most widely used replacement of a traditional flooring selections namely carpet is the floor tiles for it provides more sturdy and can actually last long making every part of your house achieve a magnificent change instantly.

When it comes to appearance, looking for the perfect tiled floor have a lot of choices that seems infinite. The reason why there a lot of selections is because of the many distinct sizes, patters, colours, and styles that are available whether you want something unique for your house to be noticeable or something stylish that you will definitely find right away.

Home owners also have their own reasons why they want to update or change their floorings. Some of these reasons include that floor tiles are incredibly durable because they are usually made with hard-wearing materials like ceramic and other luxury materials like the marble. Because of its hard-wearing materials, you will find that floor tiles cannot be scratched easily compared to other materials like wood plus they cannot also be stained just like that.

You'll love the fact that flooring tiles are waterproof. To provide a sense of comfort is one of the main benefits of flooring tiles because even if they are strong, they will surely indicate that you have an even floor.

Flooring your tiles will also save you from cleaning all the time whenever there is water slips because floor tiles are waterproof making it hard for it to be easily damaged unlike on the other flooring kinds like the carpet where it can be easily damages when water hits it. Home owners can find event flooring the tiles a convenient to download because of the fact that it can also be cleaned without difficulty which can save you a lot of time and not only that but your energy as well.

Try to have a creative mind and choose a design that will most likely get you an approving look from your family and friends and you will surely be loved for the perfect decision you have ever made for your family.

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Importance of tiles in interior designing Tiles play an important role in interior design, setting the look and feel of the house. Tiles are used to create the desired ambience but can also be difficult to choose. Consulting an interior designer can be useful as they can provide good advice on making the correct selection.

In addition to standard sizes, custom sizes can also be supplied to meet specific requirements. Ceramic tiles are versatile in application and can be used almost anywhere including walls, fireplaces, ceilings and floors.

These tiles have a number of qualities that make them perfect for tiling almost any part of the building. Delivering thermal, chemical, and mechanical characteristics, ceramic tiles are resistant to impact, force, stain, and water absorption. Ceramic tiles are especially recommended for bathrooms due to their innumerable advantages, and can be used innovatively. Non-porous and slip-resistant tiles are perfect for bathrooms with their functional benefits. From an aesthetic point of view, bathroom tile colour can help create a unique look.

White is a popular colour for bathrooms as it makes the bathroom look simple, clean, and fresh. Bathroom tiles usually have neutral colours. White bathroom tiles with blue accents look very relaxing, giving the bathroom a spa-like feel.

The size of bathroom tiles should be decided according to the size of the bathroom. A small bathroom has to be fitted with small sized tiles; large tiles will look ridiculous and make the bathroom appear smaller.

Commonly used around the baseboard and shower area, ceramic tiles are used today on most bathroom vanities. Available in a wide choice of colour and size, bathroom tiles offer significant creative scope in design. While downloading bathroom tiles, ordering a few extra tiles is advised so that there is no need to compromise.

Bathroom tiles with deep colours and vibrant patterns can change the entire look of the bathroom. We briefly covered vitrified tiles here on House to Home on 6th September.

Today we would just touch upon the various other types of flooring material that is available in the market today for your consideration.


There are several types of tiles used for residential and commercial applications. Tiles provide one of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly flooring choices. Tiles are made from natural clay and often from other recycled materials. Tile manufacturing does not necessitate the use of heavy chemicals or other harmful substances used to make other flooring types.

There are no trees to 20 be cut down as with hardwood floors, and the best part is that tiles are durable and have a long lifespan. Ceramic tiles We briefly covered vitrified tiles here on House to Home on 6th September.


Ceramic tile is the most common tile used in the US in offices, stores and homes. Ceramic tile comes in two forms: glazed and unglazed. Unglazed tile see below is referred to as quarry tile. Ceramic tiles are made from clay and then heated.

The glaze is added after the firing of the clay tile, which creates the color of the tile. The glazing process allows for the creation of infinite color combinations. Ceramic tile is also a popular choice for walls, backsplashes, showers and more.

Used in just about every room in a home, ceramic tile is beneficial for you and your home. Its beneficial for you because its environmentally friendly, reduces household allergens, increases your homes value and is one of the smartest flooring choices around.

Practical, functional and beautiful all describe ceramic tiles. From the many sizes, shapes and textures, youll be amazed at all the choices you have for designing your dream floor, backsplash or wall.

Read below to learn some more ceramic tile benefits. Benefits of Ceramic Tile Environmentally friendly Ceramic tiles are made from raw materials, including clay, sand and glass. These materials are combined with other recycled materials to form ceramic tile.

Many ceramic tiles are made from recyclable content. Ceramic tile can also help to reduce your energy use and bills by keeping your house cooler in the summer. They also add some insulating qualities to your home for the winter. Low maintenance Ceramic tiles are easy to maintain, from simple cleaning to optional sealing over time. Beside cleaning, there is no special maintenance involved.


Easy to clean Sweep and wash! It doesnt get simpler and cleaner than that. Ceramic floors make excellent kitchen floors as they can be easily wiped and disinfected from spills. If the grout gets dirtier than you like, you can use a specially formulated grout cleaner to help get the dirt off. Cost Ceramic tiles are cost effective. As with all tiles, the more high end the tile you choose, the higher the cost of the project; the more detailed the design, the more youll pay.

Endless style and design options There are literally thousands of different ceramic tiles around the world. The shapes, colors, styles and designs are vast. Repairable Got a crack? Make sure to keep a few extra tiles around in the event of a crack. Increase your home value Ceramic tiled homes have greater resale value and homes with ceramic floors have a higher general home value when appraised.

Scratch resistant Class 3 and Class 4 ceramic tiles tiles which are made for moderate to heavy floor traffic dont scratch. Reduces household allergens Unlike carpets and rugs, ceramic tile does not attract dust and dust mites. Homes with ceramic floor tiles have less dust in the air, making the air in your home much healthier by reducing the amount of household allergens.

This is a fantastic benefit, especially for those who suffer from dust-related allergies.

Moisture resistant You wont have to worry about accumulation of moisture in ceramic tiles. You can also wash the floor with lots of water if desired. Unlike wood floors, water will not damage ceramic tiles. Quarry tile is unglazed ceramic tile. It is an inexpensive, durable and natural option for industrial, commercial and residential tile applications. Quarry tile is used a lot in industrial settings because it is so durable and can also be used outdoors.

It has some other great qualities as well, such as being less prone to chips and scratches. In colder climates, freeze-resistant grades of quarry tile are used to prevent any weather-related problems. Like almost all tile types, quarry is porous, which means that it can become stained.

Those who choose to install quarry in a kitchen generally apply a 22 glaze-like seal or wax finish to help prevent stains and other damage. The color selection is not as vast as with other tile types, but there are several shades of red, orange, brown, gray and more. In residential applications, quarry is used for kitchens and pathways because it has a naturally coarse surface, making it less slippery than some other surfaces when wet.

Strong mortar and grout is used during installation to ensure a strong hold between the tile and the floor. Use limited amounts of water when cleaning unglazed or unsealed quarry.

Lots of water exposure can lead to mold growth in the grout. The water exposure can also damage the unglazed tiles Porcelain tiles. Porcelain tile is a type of ceramic tile. The difference between porcelain and ceramic is that porcelain is fired at a higher temperature, making it more dense and moisture-resistant.

Porcelain tiles are also less porous, making them more stain-resistant. For these reasons, most porcelain tiles are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installations. Porcelain tiles are hard to cut due to their density and hardness, so the cost and labor involved is often higher.

Porcelain tiles are available in matte, unglazed or a high-polished finish. In recent years, the prices have become closer to those of ceramic tile.

Mosaics tiles. Tile mosaics allow you to be creative with your tile design.They are strain resistant, acid resistant and alkali resistant as per IS and EN requirement. Because marble is a natural stone, there are variations in the color of each tile.

Vitrified Tiles

We make available an exclusive range of Floor tiles which are liked by our clients spread across the nation. Tiles with the natural finish of marble and wood are most preferred.

Porcelain tiles have pigment baked all the way through the tile, known as color body porcelain, so a chip is less noticeable. Use limited amounts of water when cleaning unglazed or unsealed quarry. Stylish in look, our Elite tiles are in the combination of light and dark yellow color. From an aesthetic point of view, bathroom tile colour can help create a unique look. The color selection is not as vast as with other tile types, but there are several shades of red, orange, brown, gray and more.

The showrooms provide a blended experience of compelling designs, product aesthetics and practical application.

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